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Raymond Chow's "Expo As It Was“
A video of Raymond Chow drawing in his sketchbook during Expo 1986 Exhibition in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Raymond Chow's sketches were published in the same year, in limited editions of 350 copies; of the produced copies, 150 are leather bound and 200 are cloth bound.

Raymond Chow "Art for the People" Kickstarter Project
Kickstarter recently opened to Canadian projects! Support Canadian artists! Raymond Chow started a project on combining his art and piano music to create a unique live performance!

Raymond Chow Interview - Chinatown Calendar (Mandarin)
Interview with Raymond Chow about the Vancouver Chinatown Calendar created to commemorate 100 years of Chinese Canadian change in 2007.

go! Vancouver on Shaw TV March 6, 2013
Johanna Ward hosts go! Vancouver from the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver.

Raymond Chow's Lisa Collection

Art In The Garden at Van Dusen Gardens

Sit Down Interview, 2015




Westcoast Homes and Design Magazine, March 2015

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Opulence Magazine - The art of fine living

Read article... - Renowned artist paints Ladner

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roundstone, Toronto/Canada, 1974

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The Vanishing City Keeps this Brush Recording History by David Watmough (Vancouver Sun, 1965)

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Artist, coin dealer team up to boost heritage, housing by Der Hoi-Yin (Vancouver Sun, 1977)

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Art of Survival by Alexandra Chu (Ricepaper, 2005)

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His favorite medium is a ball point pen by Eileen Johnson (Vancouver Life, 1960s)

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Vancouver Artists by Stephen Allen (Macleans Leisure Guide)

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